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What Peaky Hairlines Scalp Micropigmentation Clients Say

My name is Sean Niven, I am the founder & practitioner at Peaky Hairlines.

Our unique process of layering up multiple shades of tiny impressions achieving the most realistic and natural looking results using a technique that causes minimal trauma to the skin means minimal discomfort and no bleeding throughout the treatment and no scabbing when healing.

Owner and practitioner Sean has been a full time SMP specialist since 2019 and in this time has gained a fantastic reputation within the industry for his innovative approach to creating the most natural results possible for his clients. Sean has been asked to be a judge at SMP awards and to also demonstrate his unique technique at conferences to other aspiring SMP artists as well as featuring on SMP podcasts.

Natural Scalp Micropigmentation Results Peaky Hairlines

Peaky Hairlines Scalp Micropigmentation Medway Kent
Peaky Hairlines Scalp Micropigmentation Medway Kent
Peaky Hairlines Scalp Micropigmentation Medway Kent

Sean’s work is in high demand so we highly recommend getting added to our waiting list to receive updates on his availability for treatments, training and conference demonstrations!

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SMP is suitable for both men & women. Take a look at our amazing before and after SMP  results.

Before After

Rounded Hairline SMP

Before After

Receded Hairline SMP

Before After

Soft and Natural SMP

Before After

Scar Camouflage SMP

Before After

Horseshoe SMP

Before After

Grey Hair SMP

Get the appearance of a natural-looking full head of hair, quickly and safely.

“I have just finished all my sessions with Sean and I couldn’t be happier with the results! From start to finish Sean has been professional and the results have shown how good his skill set really is. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of having it done to go and book a consultation.”

Tom Mills


“I used Sean at Peaky Hairlines. If you are looking for a really natural finish then you won’t be able to beat Sean. I was initially very nervous about the procedure and whether it would look natural. It looks so natural that most people haven’t noticed and some have said I look younger but can’t work out why! Sean is attentive, very customer focused and brilliant at what he does. Thanks, I’ll hopefully see you in a few years for the top-up!”

Paul Selman

What is Scalp Micropigmentation? Is it suitable for you?

Scalp micropigmentation is a type of micropigmentation (permanent makeup). The treatment can create the appearance of thicker hair in people who have:


Male pattern baldness, receding hairline or baldness at the crown of the head.

Thinning Hair

If you have thin hair or scalp show-through, scalp micropigmentation can help disguise your thinning hair.

Scar Camouflage

If you have scars or birthmarks on the scalp, our SMP treatment can help with its appearance.


If you have Alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss, we can help.


Scalp micropigmentation may help your appearance if you have chemotherapy-related hair loss.


Hormonal conditions that cause hair loss, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).


Providing a professional scalp micropigmentation service to clients across Medway, Kent and the South East.

How much does scalp micropigmentation cost?

The treatment cost varies based on the area size. We offer a complimentary consultation where we assess your scalp, discuss options, provide a price estimate, and address any queries. Additionally, we offer telephone and FaceTime consultations for convenience.

How long does SMP take?

Scalp micropigmentation comprises three sessions, lasting 2 to 4 hours each, contingent on the area size. The second session occurs ideally 7 to 10 days after the first, followed by the third session 3 to 4 weeks later. All sessions cover the entire scalp progressively to ensure a seamless and natural result.

How long does a Hair Tattoo last?

The duration of the treatment varies depending on individual factors such as skin type and sun exposure. While the treatment remains, it naturally softens over time. Typically, clients require a top-up every 3 to 4 years, offered at a discounted rate with just one session.

Is a Hair Tattoo painful?

Clients typically report slight discomfort rather than pain. For those with lower pain thresholds, painkillers can be taken as a precaution.

Will it look natural?

Throughout the three sessions, we gradually enhance tone, density, and shape for a natural appearance. Rest assured, your scalp micropigmentation treatment will achieve a natural look.

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