SMP Training

Providing professional scalp micropigmentation training to clients across the UK.

Finally, a training course designed to give students the best possible chance to succeed in a career in SMP.

The First Step, A Taster Day.

We start with a hairline tutorial, working on practice skins and melons, business planning over lunch, watching me on a client and further discussing business plans before deciding if a career in SMP is right for you.

I will provide the machine, needles, pigment and practice skin when a student pays the deposit for the full training course so you can start practising in preparation.

Work on a client from beginning (consultation), first session, second session to end (third and final session) so can go away fully confident to work solo on clients through whole process.

Lots of photos and videos will be taken throughout the whole process for students to be able to use as content for their socials and website.

Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Training Kent

Why choose Peaky Hairlines?

Business Planning

I offer you a tailored business planning service, helping you to get off the ground and run a successful SMP business.

1-to-1 SMP Training

You will only be trained one-to-one personally with me, I do not offer group training.

Excellent Opportunity

The cost of the taster day will be deducted from the cost of the full training course when you decide to go ahead.

Complete Mentoring

When you train with Peaky Hairlines, you will receive lifetime mentoring.

Take Home Manual

You will receive a fully comprehensive manual to take home for future reference.

SMP Training FAQs

Providing a professional scalp micropigmentation service to clients across Medway, Kent and the South East.

What is SMP training?

SMP training stands for Scalp Micropigmentation training, which is a professional course designed to teach individuals the skills needed to perform scalp micropigmentation procedures.

What does the taster day entail?

The taster day is the first step in the Scalp micropigmetnation training process. It includes a hairline tutorial, hands-on practice on artificial skin and melons, a session on business planning, observation of procedures, and discussions about career prospects in SMP.

What equipment is provided during training?

When a student pays the deposit for the full training course, they will receive the necessary equipment including the machine, needles, pigment, and practice skin to start practicing for the procedure.

What is the structure of the full SMP training course?

The full training course covers working with clients from consultation to the final session, ensuring students gain confidence to work independently throughout the entire Scalp micropigmentation process.

Will there be documentation of the training process?

Yes, extensive documentation including photos and videos will be taken throughout the training for students to utilise as content for their social media and website.

Why choose Peaky Hairlines for SMP training?

Peaky Hairlines offers personalised one-to-one training, lifetime mentoring, tailored business planning assistance, a comprehensive take-home manual, and the opportunity to deduct the taster day cost from the full training course fee.

Interested In An SMP Course?

Get in touch, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.